Digital Jukebox Rentals in NJ & PA

Touch Screen Jukebox Rental Service with Delivery to Southern New Jersey and Philadelphia Metropolitain Area.

This is not your standard "jukebox". It's a modern day touch-screen jukebox system featuring everything you'd expect from a mobile disc jockey!

Shoemaker Entertainment has been providing live DJ services since 1998 and over the years, we have found that not all events require the services of a professional entertainer. Shoemaker Jukebox Rentals is the answer for a low-cost alternative to hiring a mobile disc jockey. This full service entertainment solution comes complete with everything you need...

Take Control of Your Party

A Shoemaker Jukebox Rental has all the good stuff a DJ would bring without the DJ himself. Only you and your guests know how you truly like to be entertained. You might as well have the power.

No Quarters Necessary

For a fraction of the cost of a typical DJ, a Shoemaker Jukebox Rental tirelessly plays all day and night long. When the music doesn’t stop, the party doesn’t stop either.

The Music You Want, When You Want It

The Shoemaker Jukebox’s on-the-fly song selection gives you complete control over the music at your event. You’ll never be forced to listen to a song you don’t want to hear or sift through random piles of CD’s to find what you want.

Pick a Song, Any Song

With the ability to pre-select a song list online, your choice of music will continuously play even when no requests have been made. Learn more about our online playlist builder.

The Greatest Hits of All Time

With over 30,000 songs to choose from the 1940’s until today, the Shoemaker Jukebox is pre-loaded with all of your favorite tunes and is updated every week with the newest music from all the Top 40 charts. Get tons of party music when you rent a jukebox.

No Skips, Scratches, or Dead Air

Worried about dead air? Awkward silence is a thing of the past, as each song is seamlessly crossfaded one into the next.

Your Satisfaction Is Guaranteed

We guarantee that the Shoemaker Jukebox will arrive and be ready to go on time or we’ll issue you a 100% refund. If it’s not playing, you’re not paying! Learn more about our incredible Jukebox Rental Guarantee!

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